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Development of a Multi-Dimensional Portfolio Optimization Model that can be used for rational decision making in Impact Investing Portfolios based on ESG criteria. Currently in back-testing with JP Morgan and Hermes Investment and in feasibility studies with the Washington state pension board.

Prof. Dr. Lehner is a long-term advisor to regulatory boards and policymakers, such as the OECD, the UNDP, or the European Union, and has been working on large scale projects funded by these institutions, for example on Impact Investing or more recently on Bio-Diversity measurement and financing.

Besides working as principal consultant and team leader, his specific areas of expertise in this are:

finding and defining a firm-specific and actionable sustainability strategy, together with its managers, owners and stakeholders

moderating the choice and related activities and goal-setting towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Balanced Scorecards

tintroducing regulations such as the EU Corporate Sustainable Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the classification and evaluation of activities under the EU Taxonomy in a sustainability report

the setup and introduction of a patented 360-degree, enterprise risk management radar that includes financial, operational as well as sustainability risks within the ISO 14.000 series

the use of data science and AI to identify and prepare the necessary data for the greenhouse emissions and other sustainability and risk reports

creating job descriptions and searching for personnel in the areas of sustainability and data science


Director Advisory, KPMG Austria

KMPG Austria is the strong partner of companies in terms of auditing and consulting.
KPMG Advisory brings more security and transparency to the day-to-day business of companies. It helps to successfully seize opportunities and improve the performance through appropriate measures.

Dr. Othmar Lehner is a Director of Advisory at KPMG Austria.




Research Agenda on Social Finance
Moderation of ESG Data Webinar
Opening of the Quantum Lab @Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki

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